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More Women Becoming Sole Traders

It appears that more and more women in the UK are setting themselves up as sole traders rather than following a more traditional approach of a permanent job in a company.

Being a sole trader or freelancer does, in many cases, offer a certain amount of flexibility in work patterns, which is often useful for women as they are predominantly responsible for child care. Being the person who, in general, has to drop off and pick up the kids from school often means that women are forced to take low paid part-time jobs. Going it alone also provides an alternative against banging your head against the corporate glass ceiling that prevents many women from achieving their true potential.

Since 2008, the number of female sole traders has grown by 21% nationally, with the figures for London and Middlesex being 22% and 23% respectively. East Lothian in Scotland has also recorded an impressive 21% increase. Some figures are, however, not quite so good, with Gwynedd having a 10% increase.

This information comes following a Freedom of Information request from Crunch Accounting. The HMRC data includes information on 3,517,580 UK businesses.

Laura Hughes, Crunch’s Accountancy Training Manager, said: “It’s great to see more women setting up on their own in business. So many of our clients choose the freelancing lifestyle for its flexibility and for working mothers, a sense of control and autonomy is key. Thanks to technology this working lifestyle is now becoming more accessible to more people.”