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Accounting and Bookkeeping Software Reviews

Welcome to our accounting and bookkeeping software review page. Here, you’ll find a list of accounting/bookkeeping products along with short descriptions and a link to our review of the software in question. Use this list and the corresponding reviews to compare the products available on the market to see which ones best suit your requirements.

Name Brief Description Price* Link to
Clear Books Online (web-based / cloud) accounting software that offers good functionality, including a useful dashboard that gives you visibility of the current state of your company’s finances.The software also offers tailored invoicing, reporting (PDF or CSV), the ability to import bank transactions, integrated payroll, and online filing of VAT returns. Per month:
Clear Books
Earnings Tracker Very basic bookkeeping software aimed at one person limited companies such as IT contractors. Good for calculating dividend payments; can be used as a calculator. Not a fully blown accounting package. Can be used online (web-based / cloud) or downloaded and installed. Free Earnings Tracker
Free Agent Online (web-based / cloud) accounting software for limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. Lets you keep track of tax, file VAT returns, see you owes you money, import bank transactions, complete your Self Assessment Tax Return, plus much more. £15+VAT, £20+VAT, or £25+VAT per month Free Agent
KashFlow Powerful online (web-based / cloud) accounting software containing a lot of functionality. Aimed at small to medium sized companies requiring good, robust, financial software. Good product support. £18+VAT per month KashFlow
My Bookkeeping Manager Online bookkeeping software for tiny limited companies, typically IT contractors. Easy to use, but basic, accounting functionality that aims to just provide the financial facts and figures required by such companies. Good for calculating dividends, VAT (Flat Rate Scheme) and corporation tax. can also handle non-VATable income. Single Payment of £3.49 My Bookkeeping Manager
Sage Sage offers a lot of financial products and services, including a large range of accounting and bookkeeping software – both online (web-based / cloud) as well as more traditional software that you can install on your computer. Various – see review Sage
Xero Xero is an online (web-based / cloud) accounting software that is claimed, by its owners, to be the World’s easiest accounting software. The product offs a good range of features, including a real-time view of your cashflow, the ability to import bank transactions, as well as being able to create and send invoices. There are also add-ons available. £9+VAT per month, £20+VAT per month, and £25+VAT per month Xero

* These are the prices that were in place at the time we carried out the software review. Although we do try to keep the prices up-to-date by visiting the product websites from time to time, it is possible that some of the prices are out of date.

When choosing accounting / bookkeeping software for your business, draw up a list of the features you need the software to have. Although, all the products reviewed here offer good value for money, there is no point in paying for functionality that you don’t need and will never use.

There is no such thing as the “best accounting software” because in most cases it will be a personal choice – some software applications will just feel better than others, and will be easier and more intuitive for you personally.

The reviews we have included are fairly high level and are designed to give you a feel for the software. Look through the reviews and pick maybe three or four applications, sign up for free trials, and then see which suits you the best. Try to use sensible data when testing an application in order to get as accurate a feel for whether the software will suit your needs.