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MyBookkeepingManager Website Relaunch

Well, it’s now December 19th 2013 and I’ve finally relaunched the MyBookkeepingManager website.

I’ve added a new CSS style sheet and updated various bits of text that were either out of date, or were in need of approving. I’m quite please with the new look of the site – I think it’s more modern and fresh than the old design, and will hopefully encourage visitors to the site to hang around for a little longer.

The site itself is now three years old, and I think it’s about time that I put some serious effort into making the MyBookkeepingManager product work – I have to admit that I haven’t done much with it since I originally developed the MyBookkeepingManager accounting software and accompanying website, but I think the time is right to give it a go.

It will be difficult though as the market is flooded with plenty of competition, but I do genuinely feel that MyBookkeepingManager offers something a bit different to other products on the market.

Now that the hosting site is done, I can start to think about updates to the actual software itself. I have a few ideas about what I want to do next year – perhaps adding some invoicing functionality or perhaps modifying the dividend tax voucher so that it also includes board meeting minutes…. all food for thought.

I might also look at the visual design of the software, bringing it in line with the website. I also would like to add some HTML5 features.

New Website Design for MyBookkeepingManager

The MyBookkeepingManager website is currently undergoing a complete revamp. The site was originally developed in 2010 and we haven’t done much with it since then.

What we’re hoping to achieve by refreshing the site is to give it a more modern feel and to make it look more professional.

We are passionate about the MyBookkeepingManager product, but we realise that if the site does not create the right impression for visitors, people are unlikely to use our software.

As well as redesigning the site, we are adding a few new pages to improve the user experience and to showcase our software more effectively. For example, we have done away with our old, clunky, slideshow for the software and replaced it with an informative video that will give site visitors a detailed overview of what MyBookkeepingManger is and what it can do.

After we have finished refreshing the website, we’ll start work on the next version of the actual MyBookkeepingManager software itself. As with the website, the software is looking a bit tired these days and could do with a make-over.

We also have some ideas about new functionality we want to add to the software to make it better accounting software for contractors, sole traders and freelancers.